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This project was formally known as Overlord S-RAMP and was recently renamed!

Metadata and Software Artifact Repository

Artificer is a metadata and software artifact repository, comprised of a common data model, multiple interfaces, powerful tools, and exensibility. 100% Open source. Untangle all the things!


Artificer is an metadata and software artifact repository comprised of a common data model, multiple interfaces, powerful tools, and exensibility. It implements the OASIS S-RAMP specification which defines the data model, query language, and an Atom REST binding.

In addition to implementing the spec, Artificer provides a suite of powerful, flexible, and extensible capabilities, described below.

Artificer is 100% open source -- contributions are welcome! Click here to find out how to get involved!

Use Cases

  • Publish/consume artifacts and services (both logical and physical)
  • Artifact lifecycle management
  • Thin interface for governance workflows
  • Understand and manage artifact relationships
  • Service discovery and re-use
  • Impact discovery and analysis
  • Store and manage configurations, policies, etc.
  • Manage service information (performance, availability, etc.)

Metadata/Artifact Repository

Store all your binaries, files, and metadata in this easy to use and extensible repository. Automatically expand and derive sub-artifacts.


Utilize the powerful XPath-based query language, hierarchical classifiers (ontologies), artifact relationships, custom properties, and built-in metadata.

Easy Integration

Take advantage of out-of-the-box deployment and dependency integration with Maven. Design your own interactions using the included Java client.

Multiple Interfaces

Easily interact with the repository using the S-RAMP specificaton mandated Atom REST API. Browse the contents of the repository using either the feature-rich web UI or the command line client.

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© Copyright 2015 Red Hat, Inc. Artificer code is open source and released under Apache License, v2.0.
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